Karma Mobile Hotspot


I’m beginning to test the Karma mobile hotspot system since I’m spending a lot of time traveling from place to place to interview potential hires as well as interview potential students and I really do enjoy having these engagements in a local coffee shop because of the environment and casual atmosphere.

Of course the wifi in these locations completely suck and some of them can be so saturated to the point where you can’t even join them to begin with! That’s sad and I’ve been wanting a solution for sometime.

This is why I’m pretty excited about Karma and their pricing structure as you can simply buy what you want and never feel like you’re getting duped for a monthly cost. If you don’t use it then it’s just saved for later use!

Naturally, there are some neat things about their community-centric model for getting more space and allowing guests to jump onto your own Karma hotspot without taking up your allotted paid bandwidth. What a nice service to the community, right?

I’m going to test it out for the next few months and I’ll let you know what I think after some serious testing. Has anyone else tried it before? I’d love your thoughts!