What About “kekeke”?

My wife does this:

This is an onomatopoeia for laughter. Its origin is the Korean onomatopoeia ㅋㅋㅋ, in which ㅋ stands for the “k” sound, like in raspy, stifled laughter. (I’m not sure why it wound up transliterated as “kekeke” rather than just “kkk”, though.) Incidentally, the same onomatopoeia also exists in Japanese, written as けけけ.

Here are the most common ways people laugh (via digg):

The Most Common Ways To Laugh Around The World

  1. China (772 million internet users): 哈哈 呵呵

2. India (462 million internet users): haha, lol, hehe, ek number

3. US (312 million internet users): haha, hehe, lol, lmao

4. Brazil (149 million internet users): haha, kkk, rsrs, huehue

5. Indonesia (143 million internet users): wkwk, xixi

6. Japan (118 million internet users): 笑, (笑), www

7. Russia (109 million internet users): xaxa, xoxo, гггггг, ололо

8. Nigeria (98 million internet users): LWKM, LWKMD

9. Mexico (85 million internet users): jaja

10. Bangladesh (80 million users): হা হা, মজাই মজা

But, I say again… what about kekeke!