Ketchup is Mustard

Chill… it’ll be okay.

Learning to lead well and with greater (deeper) empathy is a process, not a goal. The moment I recognized this a monumental amount of pressure left my shoulders and I began to realize that the “style” of leadership that is “best” is the one that is less married to outcomes and one that’s married to observation.

Meaning, leadership is a function of having to align ever-evolving humans who’s desires and needs and wants and goals change all the time. Or, not all the time but frequently enough to demand a more dynamic strategy than static; maybe “porous” is a better and more fitting word.

My strategy is to not marry myself to one (leadership / management) style but to adapt all of it as my startup changes. This sounds obvious but our behavior betrays our beliefs around these topics because we so desperately want to “set and forget” these types of things but it just doesn’t work that way.