NOPE THIS: Keytron K1 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

The new Keytron K1 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is getting a lot of press and I can’t help myself at this point in time and I just have to come out and say this:

It sucks. Don’t get it.

As you can see, I was one of the backers:

Of course, the project didn’t deliver on-time (was scheduled / promised for December, 2018 and came mid-January, 2019), but that’s not that big of a deal since 9 out of 10 Kickstarter projects do not deliver on-time.

So… that leaves us with the actual product and it took only 5 minutes to realize that this product would not live up to the standards that serious computer user would demand.

In fact, I’m not sure anyone is going to enjoy using the product because of one, fatal flaw: The fucking spacebar.

You see, the keys feel okay (not even close to “amazing”), and the colors and additional features are somewhat decent (I could get over those easily, with time), but the spacebar only has one actuation point and as a result the spacebar doesn’t register as it should.

In other words, every-other tap of the spacebar doesn’t work and that is nothing short of infuriating.

Consequently, it’s clear, now at least, that the product design is vastly better than the actual engineering and there’s just no way that it’s even remotely usable at this point in time.

And since it’s a Kickstarter project there aren’t any opportunities for refunds or replacements (and I wouldn’t want one anyway). So what it’s become is a really expensive toy:

King Buddy certainly enjoys stepping on it and changing the colors and lights. He even appreciates using it as a small step-stool.

So far, it’s been able to weather the storm of a 15-month old, so, I’ll give it a few kudos for that. Otherwise, avoid this product and go get one from a legit and proven manufacturer.

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