The 3 Elements of Great Keyword Research for Adsense

This was just a really funny picture of 'competition.'

We’ve been slowly walking through the Adsense Series attempting to truly identify the easy ways in which a blogger can get ramped up without getting too bogged down with technical details or going too far as to impede the creation of great blog content.

What we’re going to do in the next few posts as we get closer to the end is head into a little more “technical” area, but not too much. What we’re going to look into specifically is the science of using keyword research to help you and your Adsense efforts.

Keywords are important. You already knew that. But did you know that they not only help you rank very high but they are, in and of themselves, worth tens of thousands of dollars a month? Even more for some really good ones?

Some keywords aren’t worth beans but others – whew! – can literally pocket you millions. It’s a crazy-interesting world out there and if you’ve just begun looking into things like this you could be rapidly surprised!

To make money with Adsense and specifically keywords you need to evaluate and understand three very important things:

  1. Traffic – We’ve covered this already in the series. You need traffic, and specifically organic traffic, to stay competitive and make the dollar bills go into your pocket.
  2. Keyword Value – Specifically you need to understand how much money you can make with keywords and how to evaluate their value.
  3. Competition – You also need to understand and be able to evaluate your competitive landscape and those that are competing for the exact same keywords and ranks within the search engines.

To do this we’ll begin to walk through how you can evaluate these three very important elements. We’ll jump into estimation of value based on traffic and keywords and then how to understand, interpret, and beat your competition.

Pretty swell, right? We’ll get to that tomorrow.

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]