Killing Caffeine

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time but I’m finally at a place where I think I can go for it.

And now that I’ve made a commitment to make my final day of coffee and caffeine this Friday, August 25th, I’ve started to wonder why it’s been such a hard decision in the first place.

A blog post that I read recently really helped me crystallize a number of personal issues that I’ve had with the idea of removing caffeine from my life and also reminded me of the very real benefits if I’m able to do it.

Specifically, the idea of having a consistent energy level without the need of a stimulant and drug is very appealing. My body hasn’t ever responded well to drugs in the past but to keep putting this one in my body daily for decades never really crossed my mind as the same thing.

Go figure.

So, I’m gearing up from removing it from my morning routine and schedule in a few days. I’m going to distinctly enjoy my coffee experience and look excitedly forward to a life without these dependencies, which, at the end of the day, is what it really is.

And that’s one of the key factors in this decision of mine: I want to always stay as independent as I possibly can on the things that do not necessarily give me obvious value.

I enjoy coffee but not enough to warrant this obvious dependence, unlike my need and desire for conversation partners which creates more than just incremental value.

Just not the same thing.

Oh, and one final thing that’s worth noting… my wife has taken a coffee break for the last few months and seems to be doing just fine without it. Having her not participate in the consumption and daily ritual is also a huge motivator.

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