The Kimchi Problem

The deeper you bury it the hotter it gets.

korean joke that’s gotten a bit more press recently since Ben Horowitz shared that as a metaphor for leadership and CEOs who can, at times, avoid significant problems much to their own downfall (and their organizations).

But it’s true as the leaders who are unable to engage with the serious problems in a timely manner are the ones who allow things to fester and ultimately destroy the organization that they are so dedicated on defending and protecting.

Great CEOs (and leaders in general) will not be shy about the small and the large problems. They’ll find the right people to help them solve the problem (these large-scale issues typically need reference material and collaboration) and put due-dates around the solution so that things move forward.

I want to be a leader who continues to ensure the safety of the people in the organization and, as a consequence, the safety and security and growth of the business as a natural outcause.

Treating people well is, well, just good business. It might be about food but it’s also about the people lining up to eat it as well.