You Know It When You See It

Just 15 days ago I shared a new Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community site that my brother was putting together and it’s been an insane 15 days.

The first day that the site was live it saw a grand total of 796 pageviews – not bad, not bad, right? I was impressed but I wasn’t even remotely prepared for what was to come.

You see, the next day the site didn’t see double the number of pageviews or even triple. It didn’t see 5 or even 10X. The very next day the community site clocked in nearly 60,000 pageviews (59,575 to be exact).

And it didn’t stop. In fact, in just a few days the community site will cross one 1,000,000 pageviews… … … … one… freakin’… million… pageviews…

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of many online communities and have built a few of them myself and I have never been a part of a community that has grown with this much speed and velocity.

And the momentum is only building.

I’ll probably do a much bigger retrospective (including technical drill-down) in a much later post but the thing that I can’t shake and the thing that I have shared with many, many people over the last two weeks is the very simple but profound truth: You know it when you see it.

You see, so many people are spending so much time fooling themselves into believing that they have found something that’s working and spend so much time, energy, and resources to manufacture interest and growth.

I have seen so many entrepreneurs and startups burn through capital, valuable time, and even staff (and cofounders) because they ignored the hard data, the facts around growth and would continue to fish in the wrong pond.

Sometimes you just have to simply look at the numbers, the raw, objective, and unadulterated truth that what you’ve got (e.g. your product and/or service) just doesn’t meet the market in the right way. Light experiments here and there might produce some superficial results but a real pivot might be in order.

It’s still a bit early to know where my brother will take his fast-growing community (powered by his incredibly fast-growing YouTube Channel) but it’s very, very clear that he’s struck an obvious tap-root in two markets that are growing at breakneck speeds.

But, you know it when you see it. And it’s exciting; breath-taking even.