Knowing What People Want

Above is classic Steve Jobs, completely schooling SmugMug’s rep and telling him what his question and issue really is. I have watched this video a ton of times over the past few years and I’m still amazed at how Steve could do this.

This is what made Apple the premier technology and innovation company – it’s what they do. It’s more than just anticipation, it’s peering into the future – it’s oracle-like.

I do not have that ability or skill as I can only go as far as understanding the needs that I have as a user of the tools and technology that I engage with – I think it takes time and a heckuva lot of experience to be able to take a customer’s need and interpret it correctly or correct it entirely.

Yet so many entrepreneurs that I encounter seem so positively sure of themselves – they believe they’ve discovered a need so strongly that they fool themselves of the reality that they simply cannot know of the solution with that much certainty.

And they are young; they aren’t seasoned veterans in their field nor do they have the scars to prove it nor have they really worked through all the noise to find the true signals of value.

I wonder what it would take for all of us to become better at knowing our markets, industries, and users. I wonder what we can read, practice, and learn. I wonder who we (I) need to meet with to become better at my craft.