Korea – Day 2 – Gospel Sized Churches


Pete and I woke up super early around 4:00AM to get some morning grub and head out to the early service of the largest church on the planet, Yoido Full Gospel Church.

We took a number of videos to capture the experience but nothing really does it justice.  I really like the “tide of worshippers” that roll out of Yoido at the end and the staff’s effort to thank them for coming.

Videos after the jump.

Korea – Day 2 – Gospel Sized Churches 1 from John on Vimeo.

Korea – Day 2 – Gospel Sized Churches 2 from John on Vimeo.

After visiting Yoido, we grabbed some cheap lunch and then headed over to one of Onnuri Church’s campuses to visit an old dig that Pete attended regularly when he was living in Korea back in ’03/’04.   By this time it was snowing like crazy…!  What a beautiful day to spend worshipping God and hanging out in beautiful Seoul.

Korea – Day 2 – Gospel Sized Churches 3 from John on Vimeo.

Korea – Day 2 – Gospel Sized Churches 4 from John on Vimeo.

The day came to a close when we visited some old friends, one of whom I had the pleasure of discipling earlier this year.  It’s amazing how God uses all things for His Good and Perfect Will.  Today, seeing him now engaged to a beautiful woman, is a testament to God’s power in his life, despite anything that I’ve done, said, counseled, and/or “suggested”.

Tomorrow begins the “programmatic” engagement with the rest of the adoptees and the schedule… I wonder how much more “free” time we’ll be given.

One final thought that I wanted to jot down was that the reality of what’s going to occur is getting more “real” every single day.  Emotionally, I’m beginning to seriously wonder how this is all going to be played out.  I’m anxious, but excited.

But that isn’t a new feeling… it’s all a part of the plan, the journey… right?


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