Korea – Day 7 – Catching Up









The last few days have been insane. We’ve all but disregarded the “schedule” to spend as much time as we humanly possibly with our mother and her family.

Things like visiting the museums, going to malls to buy shoes that I don’t really need, and scheduled trips to visit fancy korean flower gardens just didn’t seem to be as valuable as attempting to catch up on the 3 decades that I’ve missed with these people.

Pictured above is the first time that I was able to hold my mothers hand as we left the place of “reunion”, visiting the korean palace, and then some “hang time” with her family (our 2 uncles, two of their children, and some extended family).

Pieces of the “puzzle” have been quickly been put in the “correct” spot, answers to life-long questions are being answered, frustrations and anxieties are disappearing, relationships are being grown and restored, and the feeling of “wholeness” are overwhelming.

A few things that have been interesting:

  • Pete looks like the “younger” uncle and acts like him too.
  • Apparently, the “older” uncle is like me.
  • If we ever wondered what a “sister” would look like, we now know (our cousin is gorgeous)!
  • A few of our cousins are computer programmers.  I guess tech runs in our veins!
  • Many of our family members are Christians, with more than a few of them either in Christian colleges, or Seminary graduates.
  • Our cousin’s (in the red) dream is to do world missions outside of South Korea… “because the rest of the world needs Jesus”…  he’s also a ASP and LINUX nerd… i love that guy.
  • I am the spitting image of my birth father, whom we have not been able to contact.  My mother cannot keep staring at me.  This is neat, in that we know what our father looks like, but opens many more questions…
  • Our family was extremely athletic, with our mother being a dancer and a volleyball player.  For those that know Pete and my “previous” life, we were also into “dancing”…  Our uncles were marathon runners, and one of them is an Olympic bowling coach.
  • They love video games.  God, that’s awesome. We were watching Starcraft tournaments on TV and getting jazzed like it was the best thing ever.
  • And More……….. there’s so much more…!

It frustrating trying to get all my questions answered while more questions are being created on the fly.  I want to know everything yet am constantly feeling like I just can’t be satisfied.  It’s like finishing reading my Google Reader then refreshing to see 1,000 more “unread” items queued…. bleh.

But, we’re doing our best.  Thank you Lord for this.  This is what I never knew I needed and even more than I could ever deserve.