Labor Day

On this Labor Day I hope you are reminded that it is vastly more important that you have good work to do rather than the fruits of success that could arise out from that very work.

In other words, our aim and focus must be on securing and executing against work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose-driven rather than worrying about the necessary results of such work.

Many of us have spent our lives focused on just the opposite waiting impatiently for the “big breaks” or if we have succumbed to our own impatience we have attempted to craft our own future through sheer force of will, rushed and ill-fated ventures, or simply bad decisions.

I wonder how many times I could have escaped heartache if I could have just been a bit more patient on the outcomes and focused more on the incredibly important tasks at hand.

The results will come – the question is whether or not we will be prepared to see them when they do appear through the fog of our own neglect and restlessness.

Finding good work to be done is the point, the goal, the mission.