Why This Blog Looks So Lame and How It Will Evolve

The design of this blog is nothing to boast about. In fact, it’s simply the vanilla installation of a WordPress Theme that I created a while back with zero customization in terms of design (although that was the point of creating that theme).

Standard Theme was created to do one thing that no other WordPress Theme had really focused on doing: Build the best coded WordPress Theme ever on industry-standard coding practices and advanced SEO strategies that would put any blogger on the map.

Simply put, I wanted to create the best foundation for any blogger so that they could be successful at (no surprise here) blogging.

In fact, a recent article via Mashable mentioned as one of the Top 8 Premium WordPress Themes out there!

I built it because I was simply tired of poorly-designed themes that ultimately cramped the growth of my blogs and the blogs that I designed for my clients and friends. I also wanted to use it as an educational tool to help people understand the value and return of a well-developed WordPress Theme and how it impacted traffic, ranking in search engines, and more.

But the theme wasn’t created to blow your mind in terms of design, and that was on purpose.

Love It!

It simply illuminated a core value in the process of building a successful blog: It would help bloggers focus on content generation, which is much more important in the beginning than any of the time spent on design, branding, and numerous other things that people say are required for a successful blog (although these are important, and we’ll certainly discuss them soon!).

You can always tweak your design and change the look and feel at any time. But for most people they will never really touch the code within the theme, and if the code isn’t very good then, well, you’re stuck.

Walk with Me:

And so I’ve put that into practice here with TentBlogger.

The look is nothing to boast about (right now) but believe me, I’ve already mocked up in my head and paper napkin sketched out how I want it to look, and this blog will evolve as time progresses. I want this blog to be living proof that it can grow despite it’s look and visual appeal.

I’m excited about walking through the evolution of the blog and I hope you’ll join me as we take it from “lame” to “awesome” (although I still think the vanilla installation of Standard Theme is actually pretty cool).

[Image from Joseph]