📻 — Anne Lamott: The Secret to Writing Well is Writing Badly

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It’s hump day! Oh! Last night a few #metacreators and I terraformed the first community space in the coming #metaverse! Check it out:


This isn’t an official “pre-boarding” call but if you’d like an early chance at test-driving the platform (and creating your own #yeniverse!!) I’ve been opening up time during #yenHOURS. I’ll be around tomorrow if you want to hang and get a first-look! I’ll probably cap it at 3 or 4 folks.

Here are your #metacreator links:

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Honestly, the things that I was able to capture from this amazing gal are worth a review; I’ve reproduced the text below. Anne is a living legend and I want to be her when I grow up. So, here you go:

  • “The secret to writing well is to write badly. It’s much easier to not write than to write, so if you want to fail at writing, just stop writing.”
  • “Most folks spend more time explaining why they aren’t writing right now; you have to stop not writing now. If you won’t write today, you won’t write in the future.”
  • “If you give me 30 minutes a day, you’ll become a writer. STOP NOT WRITING; you have to care about it.”
  • “My 19th book was as hard as the first one. A great place to start is with your childhood; start by capturing your childhood memories and write it down badly.”
  • “Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.” ― Flannery O’Connor
  • “Intimacy actually means “into me, i see”. It means you get to see all the “dark shadows” of who you really are.”
  • “Your stories are the stories that you do; they aren’t always sane but they are stories. Your readers have to belief that the events actually took place, even if they are made up. Great fiction operates this way. The reader has to trust the author that these things are true.”
  • “Everything that happens to you is your story; even and especially the difficult parts. Those are yours. You’ll figure it out how to tell it later.”
  • “It was so appalling and fabulous. You own all this material; you get to tell it. And you have to do it now.”
  • “A “pod” is an hour of writing. Usually 45 minutes since you have to “agitate” and get settled. Tell one story in 45 minutes; budget an hour for it.”
  • “I tell my students to just write what you want to come upon. If you want to read something specifically, why not write it yourself?”
  • “We mostly like stories of ourselves. We love to hear stories about what we have collectively experienced. A good story helps us lighten up; it “gooses” us up. Good books ask the question “Who are we?””
  • “Laughter is carbonated holiness.”
  • “Writers don’t know what they are doing until they’ve written the terrible first-draft. Do not wait for inspiration. It’s a ‘debt of honor’ because no one cares if you write (or not).”
  • “A confused reader is an antagonistic reader. All shitty first drafts that eventually ‘hung together’ into something meaningful.”
  • “All of my time and attention is the answer. There is a trick; since writing is very hard and rewriting is easy/fun, I write through my scripts as fast as I can; maybe in one sitting.” — John Swartzwelder
  • “You have to kill your little darlings.”
  • “I do the same thing, every day. With writing, it’s the same.”
  • “The self-loathing is the hardest part of being a writer. Finding ways to center yourself, practice mindfulness, you’re going to have a critic on your shoulder narrating how terrible you are, 24/7/365.”
  • “Most writers will spend the first hour of their day tearing themselves down before they get started. The ‘monkey-mind chatter’ will try to stop you time and time again.”
  • “Help me stay out of my way so that I can write what wants to get written.”
  • “Your material always knows what it wants you to write. You’re just capturing what is already coming through you. Get out of the way.”
  • “When you’re calmer, you can activate your imagination. This isn’t 3rd grade writing class; it’s more than that. You must re-honor your imagination.”
  • “Waste more time. Stare out into space. Aimlessly let your mind wander; the images and thoughts will come to you where it was once blank.”
  • “There is far too much meaningless bullshit — using the theological terms — we’ve lost touch of these dreamy-worlds that describe the simple things of life. Curiosity.”

A few of my personal notes from an amazing livestream via Grummz; the lead for Vanilla World of Warcraft! I’ve been thinking about game mechanics much more these days when it comes to building software and our #metaplatform — my background comes via video games so this is a surprise to no one.

Love you all.