Download Another Free Landing Page for Personal, Professional Use

Yes, I’ve done it again – I’ve updated my personal landing page. But, this one isn’t as dramatic or “new” as I’ve done in the past – in fact, what I’ve done is consolidated even more of my online properties in an effort to simplify and streamline.

Most notably is the fact that I’ve closed my boutique consulting and contracting website, MilkEngine, in favor of moving all traffic and interest to my landing page (you can read more about the name here). I’ve also used the design. I’ve had that LLC for a long time and although I’ll continue to do contract and consulting jobs here and there and thankfully I’m not at a place where I need to advertise it explicitly any more.

Word-of-mouth and referrals have long-been the greatest marketing channels that I’ve got and it’s not going away.

But more than that I’m finding more interest in digging in to the two startups that I currently manage, the first being 8BIT and the second Action & Influence – these two are my darling babies and the first has grown to a point of having incredible momentum and needs my leadership while the second engages a different set of passions and interests but isn’t altogether different.

Both have incredible potential for impact and they will be how I change the world.

The result, as I’ve already mentioned, is more consolidation and more simple management. This has been, and will continue to be, the theme of my life: Simplifying and focusing on what matters the most and leaving the rest for others to do it better.

Will this be the last time I redesign my landing page? Of course not! I get so bored so fast it hurts!

But at least I’m downsizing the quantitative changes which makes execution a tad bit easier. You guys get to benefit from my constant (but good) discontent!

You can download it here:

Just upload it wherever and it should be fine! Please feel free to keep the footer credit if you don’t mind.

Love to hear your thoughts!

Of course, I have a few others to download as well if you’re interested in those too: