Thoughts on Landing Pages


I’m working on the new landing page for when the app is finalized and ready for download. It’ll be a very “trim” and focused landing page that should highlight only what is needed to get potential users excited.

Or, that’s what I hope will happen.

The mechanics and psychology of an effective landing / marketing page is as deep as it is wide. For the longest time I took much of this to heart and spent countless hours trying to find that “perfect” mix.

At this point in my career I’ve decided against all this “best practice” research and have opted to go with what feels good. I know that that’s an entirely subjective way of creating something very important but it’s what I’m going to do.

It is fascinating to observe, though, tons of marketing and landing pages that look like their creators couldn’t give two-licks about the look, the design, the aesthetics, and yet the application itself is doing mightily well.

In other words, the marketing page did not necessarily stop the user from downloading the app based on the promise that was made to the user. I hope that, in many ways, I can be part of that perspective where the landing page does not necessarily subtract from the motive of the user but that simply states the promise that the app creates.

That promise being this: Better publishing.

I’m excited in particular about the use of video. As I’ve shared previously, I’ve spent a good time with some experts creating a visual narrative that I hope will solicit some powerful emotions about storytelling and writing.