Last Day @ Dell

Today begins the last week at the wonderful world of Dell. I’ll be hanging up my wickedly-cool badge and take my last walk home from Round Rock-1 Campus.

As my goodbye email mentioned, it is truly a mix of emotions; lots of ups, lots of downs, lots of very positive things, and lots of areas of growth. I’ve made some great friends and some lifetime acquaintances that’ll be great to keep in touch with.

I’m sure I’ll be referencing many experiences here in the future.

And as I sit here in my now-naked cube, I look at my email and see this gloriously pretty screen:

There’s only 1 other point in my career here where it looked like this, which was my first day @ Dell for the first 3 seconds… I’ve never experienced an email-drowning like here; didn’t think it was possible to this level. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

One of the fine memories I’ll take away.