Last WordPress Migration… Ever?

And like that…

… YEN.FM is gone; vanished. All 170-ish posts have now come home to the “mothership” and have been neatly categorized on this blog with global redirects for seo-related nonsense.

Kevin… oh, Kevin.

And that was all part of the The Master Plan™️ when I first started the newsletter less than a year ago! This is why I wrote this particular post with these particular technologies and workflows:

  1. WordPress as canonical source
  2. Substack as delivery vehicle

The first one is owned by me and can be manipulated, transformed, and composed at-will while the latter is, well, not mine and I can’t really do anything with it outside of what it was originally programmed to do (which is the same thing as a blog).

But, I knew that no basestation outlasts the mothership as those outposts are “out there” for a reason: To gather intelligence for the larger community and to safely experiment in more hostile and dangerous regions of the internet.

We successfully navigated our way through 9 months of publishing; a grueling pace that only few could execute against — but! — we persevered because this has always been the way: Be so good that they can’t ignore you.

They didn’t ignore me; they couldn’t. Together, we built an bespoke digital army and now that the outpost has fulfilled it’s purpose it is time to take it offline and bring back it’s value — proof of work — home.

Thankfully, if you’re using WordPress this takes just a few minutes as you wait for things to process via a simple (yet badly-built) import / export:

Have to do this multiple times to “be sure” that it all came over.

My trick is to do individual imports / exports of each content type; never do the “all / everything” one as I’ve had much more luck with smaller uploads — too many factors in play when you’re transferring rich-media through multiple different systems.

Then, with a simple redirect in the dashboard I can have flawless redirect for consistency and sustainability — all of it under my control.

So many over the years.

You see, I’m obsessed with controlling the data that’s mine. I did the work. I want the value. That’s really it. I don’t want to give that to anyone else. I should get all the upside of all of the work that I do on the internet.

The metaverse fixes all of this.

In the METAVERSE we get compensated every time we make a distinct contribution and it’s ours, we don’t get taxed and we don’t count on systems (like SEO / Search) for our bottom-line or “bread money” — we can live and operate and do our work (and art!) freely, without fear of the fundamental system changing.

This is what I’ve been fighting for my entire life, ever since I encountered BBS in the mid-90’s. I learned the rich history and I discovered that it was, in its current state, a perfect system, operating with a richness that got lost over the last 25 years.

I’m bringing that back with YEN; I have to, I must!

This is my best landing page of all time.

Why? Because I don’t want to do these shitty migrations any-fucking-more. I’ve done 1,000 of them over the years! And now, I may have done one of the “last ports” I’ll ever have to do. I mean, the sense and feeling of that even being remotely true makes my heart burst.

I don’t want to spend time doing things that I shouldn’t have to be doing. Technology solves this; it’s just that the tools haven’t been that approachable or accessible — until now.

I’ll keep the Substack version of YEN.FM up for posterity (or until they die because we ate their meal ticket, stole their food, and all of their fucking seats!!).

And that’s how that’s done. Last one. Finally.