The Late Jar

I have one cultural element that doesn’t get much attention, for good reason:

It’s called the #latejar and it’s exactly what you think it is:

You’ll donate $10 for every minutes that you’re late for a team and/or customer meeting. All proceeds will be donated to charity at the end of the year. Our logic is simple: We lose when we waste time that could have been used to serve our community and customers.

via #handbook

I instituted this rule in 2020 and I was the first and only offender as I was late 3 minutes for a recent team meeting on the very last day of the year.

( ˇ෴ˇ )

This is not an original idea (as I rarely have many of those) and I’m grateful for Ben Horowitz who provided the model (listen to the first 2-3 minutes):

It’s simple. It’s unambiguous. And you know why it’s been instituted. And, then, you have to follow the rules!

[This post was originally published on Indie Hackers.]