My Launch PR Strategy via Chris Wilson

I just want to give a little shoutout to Chris Wilson, one of our community members, who helped me come up with some PR copy and strategy when I first launched the app last year.

Now, I’m not a PR person at all and I do not have any formal training in that arena or discipline. I can create a “Press Release” like anyone else who can use Google to find good examples and “How Tos” but I wanted some legitimate help.

So, I pinged my community and Chris answered the call.

Chris is a long-time digital friend who’s been following me for years on some of my projects. He offered to help me do the PR for free, which I thought was absolutely amazing. He’s a content editor, among many other things, and was expanding his services to include PR consulting and such. Win-win? I really do think so!

So I gave him access and resources that I thought he might need and he came up with an action plan and steps for execution. We massaged two varieties of messaging (one more “journalistic” and one more “traditional” to stagger and test our approach. We collaborated via Google Docs and also set out a growing list of places to email and notify:



From where I sat and in context to my own very limited experience, this stuff was amazing and I wouldn’t have have been able to pull this together without his help as I was far too busy on building and putting the app and project together.

Thanks Chris for helping me out and giving me your time, resources, and talents. I just wanted to spend a moment to thank you digitally and give you some much-deserved kudos.

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