via Wiselike:

How does an entrepreneur own their vision for the company? How does an entrepreneur work towards the realization of a company vision? How do they communicate this need to employees?

Here’s my answer:

I think they…

  1. Decide on who they want the organization to be.
  2. They share that vision with their friends, peers, family, and naturally their staff, cofounders, and investors.
  3. They protect it.

How do they protect it?

  1. They repeat it… often:
  2. They invite others to engender it and own it.
  3. They defend it when times get tough.

How do they defend it?

  1. They have strong value statements, based on actions, not just words:
  2. When faced with situations where they may compromise those values, they make the right decision, even when it’s really, really hard.
  3. They continue aim to be a leader with integrity.
  4. They get help from mentors, coaches, and friends.
  5. They understand that good defense includes a decent offense.

What is a decent offense?

  1. They share it… often… and loop back to the first step…
  2. Which means they review their vision, just as they review their values.
  3. They diagnose whether it is still true (or not).
  4. The are courageous in their decisions, resolute in their actions.
  5. They hire great people who also believe in the vision.

How does one hire great people?

  1. A strong organization with a strong leader with a clear vision / mission and healthy, practiced values will naturally attract like-minded folks.
  2. Understand that great hires beget great hires.
  3. Rinse and repeat.

Have a ton of fun.