Leaders Who Destroy

My brother shared this the other day and I thought it was worth capturing and meditating on:

Which one are you?

Leaders Who Deliver

  • They share the maximum information they can
  • They use their power mindfully and vigilantly
  • They create conditions for motivation to flourish
  • They are obsessed with performance and results
  • They stamp on poor behavior whatever the result
  • They review wins and losses with equal passion and discipline
  • They adjust goals in any direction to ensure they are motivating
  • They talk endlessly about responsibility
  • They are mindful when using their power
  • They understand the politics

Leaders Who Destroy

  • They share the minimum information they can get away with
  • They use their power thoughtlessly
  • They use pressure, fear, and hierarchy to motivate
  • They are myopically focused on results
  • They tolerate poor behavior if the result is okay
  • They move on from wins and interrogate failures
  • once set, they’ll only move goals to make them harder
  • They talk endlessly about accountability
  • They are frightened of losing their power
  • They are political

A few good reminders, namely how important it is to over-share, as much as possible. In fact, you can almost not share enough information! It takes real awareness, consistency, and practice to allocate and prioritize time to communicate.

Also, the dynamics of power and motivation are always interesting topics to discuss with folks.