Being Part of Something New

My daughter plugs it in.

My daughter plugs it in.

There is really something quite special and unique about being part of something small, something new.

I was recently reminded of this fact after having gotten one of those new all-electric vehicles, a Nissan Leaf. Being that they are still relatively new and the fact that the number of drivers who own and use all-electric vehicles is still very, very small, you instantly are categorized into a very special bucket of people.

And those who are “in” recognize how unique it is and finite it can be and we take great care and pride in being in that culture and in that context because it is so limited. As a result, we do “odd” things like wave to other Nissan Leaf owners, even though we don’t know who they are.

I find this action peculiar as well as intoxicating because I know that I’ve joined a culture of all-electric vehicle owners and more specifically those that own Leafs. I may wave and nod my head, not in approval but visibly acknowledging the other driver and catch myself thinking:

Yup, we’re “in” this together. We are part of something special. We are different and that’s pretty cool.

I believe the same thing for those that are part of the Pressgram community right now – we are part of something different, something special, and something very cool (if I do say so myself). But, with any luck, we’ll grow and it’ll become a much bigger community and try as we might we will outgrow that very special beginning, that very special time of being “new.”

This isn’t a bad thing but rather a consequence of growth and expansion as something catches interest in the much greater and more broad community. It’s not better nor worse – it just is.

I believe the same thing about all-electric vehicles as well – it’s particularly neat right now to be on the front-end of a growing trend and consumer technology that hasn’t yet hit critical mass. I want to enjoy this time immensely as there will be a point in time where I no longer will nod with approval or wave to other random drivers as the unique and special thing of driving an all-electric vehicle will be common place and perhaps banal.

So all I’m saying is that we, the very small band of true believers in digital freedom and creative ownership, enjoy our time being small and relish the fact that we’re part of something truly unique and special. In time we’ll grow and it’ll lose that particular flavor (which allows new flavors to enter the picture, mind you) and we’ll look back on it fondly and say:

Yeah, I was part of that community before it got big. I was one of the first.

How neat, how curious, how rare.