What I Learned in My First Year of Crypto (and Blockchain)

This isn’t my post but rather a post from a community member The Bitcoin Pub. I thought it was fantastic and I wanted to share it more publicly:

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(TL:DR, just a confessional to the chamber about the reality of lifestyle over portfolio)

Hello fellow fellows,

My first year in the crypto-verse is coming to an end, and like the most ‘many’, I joined this year. I was pretty quick to this here crypto nation (proud patron #34), but can’t claim any supremely early crypto purchases next to those in the single or double digit entry points on BTC…but this isn’t about gains, losses, buys or sells…it’s not even about the portfolio, it’s about how tremendously my lifestyle has been altered.

Which means my life has changed.

I’m not wealthy, and have actively chosen against inheriting it. Born into exceptional familial and royal privilege (in Europe, we make cigarettes and married well in the past, I’m no more special than what my person makes me, I just have a gawdy ring with a crest on it, that’s truly the extent of it) I’ve spent a long time observing the impact of free money, easy money or rather, money you didn’t exert yourself for. I ran off to America, used a different last name, and pursued the hearts desires in arts, finally landing in the worlds asshole, Los Angeles, the capitol of everything antithetical to communal prosperity. After a few years of seeing fires creep closer, neurotic megalomaniacs highlighting the thinning silver lining and women treated like little more than cock-sockets (I had my ass grabbed my Spacey a bit…#metoo?..trauma isn’t a hashtag, not that I have, nor would claim any, it’s just crazy how wide the creep net is), I’ve had to take the party to Amsterdam. People here are amazing.

“Stop talking about yourself! Im here to read about crypto!”, fine, give me a second while I place myself in front of a mirror as I type on, otherwise my fragile pseudo-millennial ego may crumble under the lack of back-pats. See how special and unique I am?

Since investing I’ve ceased to waste money on coffee, beans + water = coffee (less than a dollar!), Starbucks costs you! A lot! I did the math, for myself, I’d waste $23-27 there every week…until the conclusion of Q3 and all of Q4, that’s (very roughly) two LTC a month on average coffee. Loose math, thats $4832 in LTC I drank instead…because my left hand needed something to do while my right was tweeting/facebooking/flipping screens hoping for a ‘saved by the text’. Point is, cents add up.

The decentralized approach to life is truly unlike anything we’ve enjoyed on this earth since dictatorships were built up around phenomenal ideas of community and equality, all masquerading as ‘religion’. It always impressed me that the ignorance of Americans went so deep the assumption of ‘being the best’ blinds us to questioning what must be. The president faux-gras lies down our throats, and when it’s swallowed we look to daddy for approval. Sickening. A decentralized life has you picking your trash off the street, because you take ownership, it has you helping your neighbor because their house burned down and yours didn’t, it has you picking a longer commute to a better school for your kids because you know thats possible, and it educates the closer one to get better. It has you taking responsibility because the intimate connection to the interconnectedness of our world is so very apparent. It holds us all responsible. Something I find the human animal naturally seeks: Purpose. We lack it.

I thank the officer, the garbage man, the teacher, the Lyft driver and my neighbor because I see the community we are ultimately a part of. I’m beginning to see the sinews in our world, and the links between us all.

I see a revolutionary way to attain wealth if that’s what you want, but what’s really there is a means to build, create and follow ambition outside of the parameters an ulterior force sets. Im not against government, we need it, as creatures, we require leadership, but I am against government control. We spend a lot of time discussing the middle, on the coasts, and the middle discusses the coasts, yet no one discusses their home and it’s shortcomings. Out of sight out of mind. Crypto allows us all a mirror, an intimate mirror. We see our footprint or fingerprint wherever we leave it.

Over time things will change as they always do, each wave has its opportunists, and we must survive each of them, but listen for the signs of success. When banks start screaming ‘fraud’ or ‘bubble’, it’s working. When officials start claiming they were for it all along, it’s taken hold. When the new money rolls off the top and the prices fall, we’ve arrived, for good.

A big thank you to @peter@john for the incredible amounts of work put in behind the scenes. I don’t know anything about computers, beyond the basics, so thanks to you two grand wizards of crypto. To @asharp for always having something to teach, @HarryvdV for the same, and a winning profile picture. To @baz and @Angela and @Tradezzz90 for engaging!

Much love, much wow, much future. Fuck the moon, I’m not lugging water to that rock, it’s tied to earth anyway, I’m thinking a cruise along the milky way.