Learning Styles

via The Atlantic:

Either way, “by the time we get students at college,” said Indiana University professor Polly Husmann, “they’ve already been told ‘You’re a visual learner.’” Or aural, or what have you.

The thing is, they’re not.

I’ve historically used “learning styles” as a way of understanding others and myself but have often felt that it was far too static and limiting than helpful.

This became much more relevant when we started hackschooling our kids and we realized that by “locking in” a particular learning style to our children was the last thing we wanted to do.

In fact, it could be incredibly harmful because we’re essentially telling our kids that they are built this one, specific way and that they can’t or won’t change. This is antithetical to the “growth mindset” that we’ve been teaching them from Day 1.

People are complex systems and science may never be able to explain what we are. I think that’s a good thing. Besides, it takes away the fun of discovering the truth.