Leave Room to Grow, or Fail Unnoticed

I love the idea that our team has the authority to be fluid, experimental, and find new/better ways to effectively play to our strengths. I think it’s one of the reasons we work so well together. There is a distinct entrepreneurial bent in each of us and while this can be disruptive for some teams, we’ve found a way to embrace it in ours.

A great example of this is when energy started to form around the idea for an 8BIT Network podcast. I told the team “It’s only a good idea if we have someone who has the skill to implement and a drive to do it.” Andrew, whose voice is often compared to tepid butter, totally fit the bill. Then Tom got jazzed about it and so we were all in. Launching a podcast made sense.

The big question was not “Can we execute?” but, “Should we execute?” And only the people with the skills and desires to lead the effort and own it can make that call. We don’t have to go all-in right away, however, and we didn’t. As with most experiments, we can start smaller. Instead of weekly podcast episodes, we can do bimonthly or monthly.

When it comes to individual initiatives starting small is perfect because it leaves room to grow, or fail unnoticed.