Lance Armstrong and Legacy Unwoven


The recent news of Lance Armstrong is heart-breaking, from a number of different angles and perspectives. I can’t even begin to imagine the anger, the resentment, and the bitterness that’s been generated on both sides of the fence, against Lance himself, his former teammates, the USADA, and everyone else who is a part of this tragic story.

I don’t pretend to know much about the situation but from what I’ve read it seems that most signs point to him being guilty of cheating and ruining his incredible career, being banned forever from the sport and potentially being relieved of his 7 incredible titles. Those titles must have been a heavy burden on his conscience.

But the outcause, the result of such tremendous upheaval from scandal, has created an ever-lasting black mark on a very storied and celebrated career. It’s one that will be just as much a part of his story as the wins were.

The cost? His legacy. This isn’t just a personal legacy that’s isolated to an individual man; it’s a comprehensive one, all-inclusive of those that supported him, became his fans and wanted to believe in the very best. It includes both the close inner circle and those that he would never meet.

His responsibility was to protect his collective legacy and take incredible care of it, as best as he possibly could. It’s unfortunate it ended this way and the damage has already been done – it’ll most likely continue as well.

It’s unbelievable. I just cannot fathom that drop, from such heights. I don’t want to comprehend it either because I don’t want to believe that it could ever happen to me (although I am subject to the same challenges as any man, regardless of circumstance).

I hope that his continued good work with the many cancer organizations will continue and that he’ll find solace and consolation with his work there. I hope he builds a new legacy, one that most people (not all) will be proud of, especially himself. I hope that those that need to forgive will forgive and that he’ll be able to forgive himself most of all.

Lance Armstrong’s legacy has been unwoven but that doesn’t mean it can’t be threaded anew.

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