Less Religious

Hmm. Based on some new data from the General Social Survey, Americans who answered “no religion” in response to the question “What is your religious tradition?” is now greater than those who identify as Catholics or evangelical Christians.

The last 50 years, in particular, show a fascinating trend. The question is, of course, why… why is this happening? That can be tough to figure out:

Even then, those who claim “no religion” are not inherently atheists or agnostics: A 2017 Pew Research survey found that only 22 percent of “nones” listed not believing in God as the most important reason for their lack of religious affiliation.

via Religion News

It is interesting to note that I have found it increasingly more easy to talk about spiritual topics and religion as I get older, instead of the other way around.

Perhaps this is because more folks are simply not religious and that makes talking about religion easier, kind of like the dynamic of knowing what you don’t like more than what you do like (or knowing what you don’t want to eat rather than knowing what you want to eat for dinner).

Or maybe it’s just because I’m becoming less religious, which has most certainly been on the decline ever since I left college, especially when I realized that Christlikeness has less to do with a physical building and associated ceremonies and more about a real, authentic, and intimate relationship.

If I’ve gotten that right, then, I think I’ll continue my gradual decline until all of the so-called religion in me is eradicated.