Letter to Eric

A letter to Eric…

Watsup bro.  I’m sorry it took awhile to get back to you.  …  Man, I feel you on the Jen thing.  Cause, she can be difficult, and the thing is, I don’t even know her half as well as you do probably.   Does she just get more strange and irritating as you get to know her better?  Haha. Maybe I should stop hanging around her so much…  …  just kidding.  but.  its all good.  I wish you the best in that situation.  It’s for a reason, and there is a purpose, whether that purpose is to teach you tolerance or teach you the value of individuality or difference, who knows.  I put a small request in the prayer list about you but didn’t mention any names.  I hope that was ok with you bro.  I’ll be praying for you man. 

How are the other relationships with you going?  How are you and kyong doing?  is it just pretty chill or what?  I never heard anything specific i dont think but, whateve.r  and, is the thing that you wanted to talk to me about… was that the jencho thing?  aight.  cool. 

For me, lately, i’ve just been struggling with being faithful.  You know, one of the most surprising and agonizing things for me is the realization about how FAITHLESS and UNFAITHFUL i can be at times.  I’ve really blown this mission trip thing… well, out of my mind, per-se, just hanging on for dear life, but, not making any attempt to crawl out of the pit of complacency.  Pray that I can just revive my focus.  Today was a big step in doing that.  God really humbled me.  It was awesome.

My relationships with others have, well, been pretty good.  Did I ever tell you about that prom night and what I did to debbie?  i think i might have… anyways, she doens’t talk to me anymore, which, i guess, is a good thing.  Sue Hong hasn’t been talking to me much either.  that’s good too i guess.  in fact, I haven’t talked to many people at all, except for my 7th graders. they always have something to talk about…  kept my things under control. I tell you, this summer is gonna be so good for both of us.  For me, because, I needed a break from many of the relationships that i was dealing with.  I think, i honestly believe, that I took on too many too fast. The too fast part is the biggest.  cause, the too many part, well, that’s not that bad, but, i did it way to fast.  before i knew it i was involved over my head, you know?  but, this summer ill rework it all, after an awesome mission trip where i can just escape all this yado…  word.

I’ll hit you up later bro.  Peace be with you and Godspeed with evertying.  do well for the Lord this semester in france, and man, take mad photos, aight?  ill take about 1000+ for you guys.. haha.  too bad its gotta be low res…  im packing 256 megs… and at that rate at 640×480 res, ill have about 1000 or so.  any less and man, i can’t take that many.  oh well.  peaced due.  ill see you on the other side.

A fellow traveler and screwup regarding relationships,

Eric said while wanting to hit jen cho…

>hey brotha man… what’s up… hope your summer is going well… whacha been up to while u’ve been home? are things goin alright? how’s da money raising coming? i hope u have enough support financially… i wish i could just give you the total money and send you off, but 1. i don’t hvae a job, and 2. i don’t have a job… hahaa… anyway…
>i’m in metz now… made it here yesterday afternoon… been just getting oriented in the way that thigns go over here… it’s been quite a change from home… lots of things are interesting, to say the least…i’ve never really realized how hard it is to get around in france… my french is so lackluster… in germany, the people spoke pretty english pretty well, but no one speaks here… i’m gonna be on a self-taught crash course in french to get around… yo, you’ll be in my prayers with your missions, and i hope that you’re doing alright… if you’ve been down, which i don’t think is the case, but you never know, shoot me an email and i’ll pray for ya… same thing over here tho… i do got something that i would appreciate your prayers about… jen cho is getting on my nerves like you can not believe… haha… kinda funny to say, but it’s been very awkward… God obviously has a plan for me and her to be ‘friends’, since he arranged it for us that we’d be traveling together for most of the trip (unless somethign changes), we live next door to one another, and i bleive, we have 2 classes together… so i udnno… i need lots of patience with her… i’ve been getting realy angry with her attitude towards me, and it’s been pissing me off… but i know that i just need to be merciful towards her, but yea… God i think is teaching me a lot about how to deal with people like her.. anyway, if u got anything man, lemme know… i have a lot of time to walk aroudn here, and all i do is pray-walk… it’s def an asset to have to be able to walk aroudn as much as i’m going to be all summer long… aiight, enough of this… i gotta shoot some more emails out… God belss, and take care…
>God Bless…
>Eric Cho
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