5 Powerful Steps to Leveling Up Your New Community Group

Congratulations! You’ve taken your very first step in building your new Community Group (CG) in YEN! At this point in time, you’re already a community-building (or should we say buidl-ing) rockstar!

Now, let’s level it up a bit, shall we?

Here are 5 powerful ways to take your Community Group to the next level:

1. The Basics Really Matter

As you know, we’re still in the process of building out a much more robust “discovery” system but until then you’ll want to make sure that you have the basics adequately covered:

  1. Add a compelling, visually-distinct Avatar — you could even use an animated one like this CG here!
  2. Your Community Name — represent loud and proud.
  3. An obvious headline that tells others what you’re about.
  4. A website or url to an outside page or blog.
Let’s get the basics right!

2. The Who, The Where, the Why

The next section that needs some love is your Community Group Overview which might take a bit of time to formulate and create. This is essentially your longer-form introduction to the community for folks who are new.

We recommend including some of the following:

  1. Your purpose — why does this community exist?
  2. Your story — where is this community coming from and where are you headed?
  3. Your contact info — giving folks a direct line into the leadership is always useful and connecting 1-on-1 is powerful (remember, as things get bigger they must get smaller!).

Some folks create large and attractive header banners while others might go as far as create introduction videos — there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it!

@peter provides a classic example of a video intro.

3. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…

At YEN, we fundamentally believe in the power and effectiveness of doing life together and starting something new can be both exciting and scary! It’s always better to build a team so we highly suggest that you invite other folks to your team to help lead, moderate, and love on your growing CG.

Have them join the group and then you can easily add them to the team:

Maybe @nick will help me manage my newsletter and community…

Hot-Tip: Some of your most helpful team members and/or moderators may come directly from your Community Group! We recommend spending time to get to know them 1-on-1 and then, when you’re ready, promoting them into the squad!

4. Big Things Have Small Beginnings

The early halcyon days of a new community can be fun but also pretty lonely so we’ve done a lot in our technology to provide natural and organic roads for your Community Group’s growth (like a built-in growth channel of passionate crypto enthusiasts!).

But there are some simple “growth hacks” that can help jump-start any new community; sometimes as easy as adding a button:

Could it be that easy?

We’d love to hear of other tips and tricks that you’ve seen work!

5. You Don’t Have Because You Don’t Ask!

Gone are the days where you built something and folks just magically show up (the “Kevin Costner” way) — you have to be intentional!

And yes, it can feel a little bit weird asking folks to join your Community Group so plainly, but, you’re probably a little weird (like us!) already! Here are some final tips on how to grow your new CG the right way:

  1. Be intentional! Tell your friends and existing community where you’re going to be spending your time. But, more importantly, tell them why this community personally matters to you!
  2. Copy the link to your community group and share it. We’re working on making these links a bit more “pretty” too, so, please hodl. Encourage them to Sign Up and join the group! They will be able to see all of the content without an account (because we’re cool like that).

Here are some verbiage that might be useful:

Join my community on YEN here: {community_url}

I’m building my tribe here and would love to have you join the conversation here: {community_url}

Are you on YEN? If so, come join my community page here {community_url}!

Building an online community is difficult, that’s why I am now growing my network on YEN. Be one of the first to join us here: {community_url}

Hope that helps!