Looking For: Community Leader

Quickly… I’m looking for a next person to join my small team!

You can learn more about this role here.

Visit the job posting on LinkedIn or AngelList.

This is a pretty significant role for us because our project is entirely powered by the amazing (!!!) community that we have around us!

I’m so grateful for all of them and their continued support, both the folks that have been with us since the very beginning and our newer community members! This role will directly impact their experience and the quality of that experience with us, our product, and the (growing) opportunity(ies) that lay before us!

Both strategic and tactical, this is a true leadership role, a roll-up-your-sleeves and get-shit-done type of thing, in the trenches with everyone else, building something out of nothing, organizing chaos into manageable projects and workflows, and building the very foundation of a new business unit and organization.

It’s a big job, scary even… but, if this gets your more excited than scared, I’d love to chat with you! Please consider applying!

Besides, I think we have the best team on the planet (and we have a ton of fun to boot).

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