Checking LinkedIn Monthly



My LinkedIn strategy is quite simple… it’s essentially just ignoring it almost entirely.

So what I do is I calendar in a monthly (yes, monthly) moment to login and review pending connections and any random spam messages that might creep into the system (and man, there are a ton of those).

As I’ve liberally shared over the years I’m simply not a fan of this social network for a variety of reasons but I understand how many people find value in it. The thing is that it’s just not for me.

And I suppose that’s the point… you see, time is our most precious resource and we spend far too much of it in areas of our lives that create very little value (if any).

And the more serious you are about your success and your forward momentum the more serious you become about how you spend that most precious resource – it means that you become very judicious about the things that are taking it up.

The more successful people that I know are incredibly picky about what they do, who they meet with, and how they go about doing what they do. They isolate, they constantly prune, they say “No” more than they say “Yes” (and that no is sometimes the loudest yes); all these strategies help you stay focused among many other things.

It’s not so much about LinkedIn, per-se as it is about distraction. So I calendar in the light annoyances so that I can stay on top of it every once in a while. It’s not a competition, remember?