A Life without Twitter

Can you imagine a life without Twitter? I can.

I’m not sure I could have said that just a few years ago but it’s becoming easier and easier to not only imagine it but also, perhaps, desire it.

I was a little late to the game when I first joined Twitter but I wasn’t the first one in my social network to try leaving it all behind. I’ve taken extended breaks from the network and even quit a handful of times, always to come back.

But now, it feels like the next time I quit will be my last. Twitter, as a social device, died a long time ago. Now it’s just a cheap utility. And, unfortunately for Twitter, it’s not a fundamental utility either.

What it feels like is one of the tack-on services that cable companies try to opt you in for when you sign-up for basic home service. You know the feeling… you signup just for the internet solution and they try to sell you the double, triple, or “quadruple-play” package at some unbelievable discount (which still doesn’t feel worth it).

If Twitter were to disappear tomorrow it would make life a bit easier,  a little less distracting, and have a number of other net-positive outcomes that I’ve experienced in the past when I’ve taken a break or quit.

I desire those things more than I ever have, especially now. Even the thought of curating my follower list is painful. I just don’t want to deal with the overhead.

I feel like I’m trying to convince myself to quit it outright, even as I sit and type this, but, I do not feel pushed over the edge quite yet… there’s something still left to do but if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure what that something really is…

A life without Twitter… it’s only a matter of time now… right?