Lifehacker Reminds Us That Personal Branding Matters

Today was a pretty decent web traffic day since an older post landed on Lifehacker homepage – the specific link was to an older WordPress Theme that I released being one that helps people create a personal branding page or a digital business card.

Since that time I’ve learned a lot about personal branding online and shared a lot of my thoughts via a series on Personal Branding – one that you should check out if you’re a first time visitor.

I spent some time in the comment layer over at Lifehacker answering a few questions and it surprised me (although it shouldn’t) that people still do not see a great value in having a personal landing page that they can call their own – or they find that the use of one of the free services will somehow “dilute” their efforts because everyone is doing it.

This, of course, is completely false since the vast, vast majority of the online population still do not have a personal landing or branding page and even of the ones that do it’s only a small portion that use it regularly and effectively.

Having a landing page at all puts you in an entirely different place online and will make you more competitive than your peers. It tells a lot about who you are and the time you’ve taken to curate and manage your online persona. If you’re in the digital space at all it’s a near-requirement – how could you propose that you’re a “guru” of the internets and you don’t have a blog or a website or a personal domain? That’s just whack!

I see the use of personal landing pages evolving over time and some of them may become pretty sophisticated but ultimately the more simple the better.

If you don’t have a personal landing/branding page then this is the year that you need to get one. Grab a cheap hosting provider, get a killer domain name, and then go. Heck, grab one of the free non-database driven branding pages I’ve got for download (here, here, and or another alternative here) and then you’ll be set!

Do it. You’ll thank me later.