LifeShare – On and Offline

Zach’s registration picture… We had a picture-registration booth for our visitors to “sign in”.

LifeShare has been an amazing blessing to our family in the last week and this past Saturday was one of the biggies.  We invited nearly 50 people to our home so they could spend some time chatting, hanging out, drinking coffee, eating world-famous Round Rock doughnuts, and here the Gospel message through what God has been doing in my family’s life.

It was awesome.

In addition, we broadcast the event live and had, at one point, up to 15 people tune in… and even had some believers invite some non-believers to watch it too!  They asked some good questions and we spent time  praying and we hope there was some good follow up.

This was all a part of our desire to share “our story” and invite others to be a part of it.

We’re excited because this is only the beginning of how we intend to be more intentional and missional with our lives.  It was so much fun that we want to do it again… and that’s one of the biggest pluses ever.

Even though we we’re dead tired and spent, we we’re pumped and felt superblessed to be able to be used in this fashion.  A small reward, perhaps, for aligning closer to God’s heart (even though we certainly were not owed anything).

So praise Him.