Lifestyle as Work

8BIT, circa May 2011

This picture was taken by a friend during a trip he was taking up the east coast and he captured, quite perfectly, the organization that I was building at the time.

I started this company, quite literally, in a basement. On occasion, we’d “graduate” to the first floor (when the spouses allowed it) and we’d hang and build a company worth working for.

I particularly like how we captured an image of one of the most viral videos at the time on Jared’s screen. There are many other elements in this image as well – from Tom’s bare feet  to the box of Fruit Loops in the background to the board games that we’d sometimes play.

Yet, I like best how we were relaxed in what we were doing while knowing the sheer gravity of our responsibility. You see, we were impacting thousands of lives with our software, directly, and millions of lives indirectly through the work that our customers were doing with our product.

But you would never know it from the way we looked while we were doing our great work. That dynamic, the stark contrast has been and will continue to be very appealing.

You see, it’s about a lifestyle around building great things while working with amazing people. Great business culture does just this. A worthy mission working with great people doing work that matters without the fluff, frills, nor flash.

It’s lifestyle as work.