Lifetime Value

We don’t often think about our friends having lifetime value, especially if we’re familiar with that as a financial business mechanic.

But, in reality, we all have some soft of (ultimate) lifetime value to every single person that we encounter. Sometimes, we’re worth entirely nothing to another person, like a random encounter on the subway.

But, for others, we have an incredible amount of value being delivered and shared freely for years, if not decades. I like those types the best.

This morning I had an opportunity for a long-time relationship to come back around again and sit under my leadership for 5 intense days of cohort-based coaching.


Eric was in an Alpha Cohort for one of my first attempts at professional coaching, back in December of 2011! And now, 8 years later, we’ll do it again.

Check out this old pic of me coaching him virtually:

That was us back then and here we are in a recent #yenizen hangout:

We’re older and “wiser” — more gray hair too.

It keeps getting better as I had forgotten that I was experimenting with video and vlogging even back then:

And I was even making videos:

What gets me the most is this picture of me below, sitting outside of the action—I had no idea how important video was going to truly become in my life—and if you would have told me that I’d be creating daily videos for a global audience, I’d probably ignore you (and think you’re crazy).

I love being a filmmaker.

Anyways, all of that is what I really mean about things like lifetime value — the fair exchange of value between two people that trust and respect each other. Isn’t that what a good business is all about? Isn’t what community does? I mean, if it wasn’t for Eric giving me his valuable time and attention as a new and inexperienced coach, I wouldn’t have been experimenting so heavily in film and virtual coaching and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I feel like I’ve gotten the better end of the deal. I bet he feels the same. And I’m terribly excited to do it once again.

I was able to find the old website that I had created when I first launched — thank goodness for Wayback Machine!

Here were the inside parts of that carousel:

And I had a few cohorts—here’s the second one:

Three amazing men — we had a lot of fun together.

You know… my career path is slowly becoming less of a mystery to me every single year.