Good Blogs are Heavy. Great Blogs are Light.

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[Like the quality of the screencast? I use the Screenflow app for it! This is part of theĀ Developing Great Blog Content Series.]

Challenge Type: Design!
Time Required: 2-3 minutes (Don’t think too hard about it!)
Impact: Could be significant, both short-term and long. It may make your blog load a lot faster depending on what you take away and your users could engage better with your content.

One of the best things you can do for your blog is make it “lighter” and keep the temptation that we all feel to add to our blog when we don’t really need to.

Are you ready?

Your challenge, not just today but consistently, is to seriously consider taking away something from your blog, especially as it relates to the design and elements on your blog (widgets, plugins, etc.) that aren’t bringing any value to you or your readers.

Keep your blog light!

In addition, it could make your blog faster, especially if you take away a heavy-loading plugin or widget that no one really uses. You see, some of the best blogs out there load fast and provide little distraction to the actual good stuff: Your content.

So, how do you go about this in the best way? Think fast.

Don’t think too hard about it; I am almost certain you know of something on your blog that you don’t like too much (but you think is somewhat novel) that you’re willing to part with. Get rid of it.

Go an extra step and ask your audience about the change. Did they notice the change? Did they even care? It would be fascinating to find out, wouldn’t it?

Time to execute! I’d love to know what you took away and what you learned from it!

[This is part of theĀ Developing Great Blog Content Series.]