Limiting Access

In a world where accessibility is simple and easy it’s very powerful to head in the opposite direction.

More specifically, it’s just insane that anyone, anytime, anywhere can ping you via 1,000 different systems or tools or apps with the click of a button.

Instead, shutting things down and closing things off is not only a necessary ingredient to maintain one’s sanity, it also helps curate and filter out the noise that might make it through if it wasn’t for making it slightly more difficult.

And it’s not even that much more difficult either.

By letting folks know that you only communicate via X, Y, or Z medium or tool forces folks to ask themselves how motivated they really are to connect with you.

I’ve been doing this for years. For instance, I don’t communicate with folks via LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter DM. Instead, if they want to chat with me about something important then they had better hit me up via email.

And, it needs to be the right email as well since I’ve had multiple email accounts and if you’ve gotten hold of an old one or one that I no longer use, it is quite suspect, in my opinion, in terms of where you got it from originally.

Limiting access is what needs to happen more than ever in our always-present, always-connected world. It used to be cool and hip to have those 1,000 services active and always ready to take someone’s digital “call” – those days are dead and gone.

Good riddance.

It really is hard to believe that at one point in my life I actually wanted all of those tools and services in my life… what a living hell that was… and for what?

I don’t want to answer that question.