LinkedIn: The Game

Pretty hilarious:

The general goal of LinkedIn (the game) is to find and connect with as many people on LinkedIn (the website) as possible, in order to secure vaguely defined social capital and potentially further one’s career, which allows the player to purchase consumer goods of gradually increasing quality.


Like many games, it has dubious real-life utility. The site’s popularity and success, like that of many social networks, depends heavily on obfuscating this fact. This illusion of importance creates a sense of naive trust among its users. This makes it easy to exploit.

It did, seriously, give me a good chuckle.

LinkedIn is one of the worst social networks ever… and it really is sad that I still have an account and that I continue to pump content to it. The internal conflict is real and I’m killed off my account and brought it back from the dead multiple times.

The current iteration of LinkedIn exists only because an investor asked that I spend a little time on making it “nice” – I did and I’m not exactly sure it was worth the effort.

I think I’ll be killing it off again soon.