Make Sure You Have a Little Crazy

via Steve Blank:

In a rapidly changing world those who copy the past have doomed their future.

Yes. And this:

You can’t create a blueprint for the future. But we know one thing for sure. The future will be different from the past. A better approach is to look for people who are the contrarians, whose ideas, while they sound crazy, are focused on the future. Most often these are not the safe brand names.

It’s not that we have to necessarily be contrarians ourselves… we just have to align ourselves with folks who are, especially if we want to do things that fundamentally change a category or industry.

And that doesn’t have to be your ultimate aim, either, by the way. Your professional life is a success if you continue to create value for others and, as a consequence, yourself and your family. The scale might be different, but, you can be happy and very satisfied with whatever scale you have.

But I think, regardless, interfacing and having friends who might be a little bit more “crazy” is a good and healthy thing. Yeah, that’s right… have a little bit more relational crazy.

I mean, life isn’t static (although we try to make it so) and the folks who can’t sit still are sometimes the most exciting folks to be around.

And those people will create adventure for you… perhaps one of the best you’ve ever had.