The Rarest Thing in the World

via Oscar Wilde:

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

I think this is true — how many of us woke up today with low expectations? That is to say, we woke up expecting our day to be pretty much a repeat of what happened the day prior.

Not much of a life, right?

Perhaps some of us were even hoping that today would be exactly the same as yesterday — that’s not living, that’s existing.

How do we change this up? How do we get the blood flowing and our hearts pounding, once again? How do we get back to where we really need to be?

I think it’s easy to exist when you’re focused on yourself; consequently, the solution is somewhat counter-intuitive: Spending more time considering others (and their needs) is a useful exercise to help one spend less time obsessing over one’s own problems.

This isn’t to say that my problems are necessarily less-important than the problems of over people, but, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised at how the “size” of my own problem(s) seems to get smaller given time and distance and when compared to others.

I’ve been focusing my time in the last year working on being more inwardly sound and others focused — it’s helped tremendously as I’ve sorted out my own issues.

As a result, it feels like I’m actually living this life, instead of just existing; that’s a nice change.

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