Blogging Can Feel Like a Lonely Journey at Times!

I had lunch with myself today sitting in a local Figo (do they have those near you?) and as I was scanning some of the discussions in the forums I came across a few members who reached a point of “burnout” and were struggling with finding the motivation to keep going.

In her words she had “lost her mojo” and was trying to stay positive about her blog and the results she was seeing, some of which weren’t up to snuff.

I quickly looked at the screen, down at my barely-touched plate of pasta, and the empty seat before me and I quickly empathized with her and was reminded that this thing we do, blogging, can be a very lonely road at times.

You: The Creative.

Don’t forget – if you’re a blogger and have been doing it for a while then you’re what many would consider a Creative¬†(with a capital “c”), someone who is essentially an artist, and your canvas is your digital space on the web.

You craft uniqueness through words daily but it’s not always fluid and not always natural. Perhaps it’s mostly the latter and you struggle with your canvas every single day. It’s like grinding your teeth and you’re not always sure why you do it when the rewards are so difficult to calculate.

But you do, and you continue to write. Why? Because it’s your art. It’s you. It’s more than what you do. It’s who you are. And your motivation comes from within – not from any external and outside forces which can make you feel pretty alone.

And at times you’re the only one that sees that. Google doesn’t. Twitter and the other social sharing sites apparently miss it. Your readers don’t get it all the time and your spouse might not even fully¬†understand it at times.

It’s lonely.

And guess what? That doesn’t ever change or get much better the more you write – some consider the burden of the creative a mark of being an artist!

But the good news is that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing and therein lies the sustainable satisfaction that keeps you pressing on and your goal is to connect, relate, and build relationships with those that are on the same journey to give you strength and encouragement.

I’m here for you (as best as I can be through our mutual monitor screens) and so are many others in your life. Stay strong, keep creating, keep writing, and continue to do what you were created to do.

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