As Long as Possible

Have you ever thought about how macOS apps choose to design their installers?

In other words, when you open up a new app that you’ve downloaded and it mounts to your drive, it will generally open up a new finder window and show you the app to drag-and-drop to your applications folder:

A few different looks.

I cleaned up an old computer and proceeded to download a bunch of different browsers, like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Brave (among many others).

I do this mostly because of native testing of the apps that I’m building, but, I happen to download and install all of them around the same time and I noticed that some of the project teams take the time to actually design this part of the installation experience while others do not.

In fact, it’s just interesting to note that the least designed one is also the largest organization and company. The irony, of course, is that the largest company has near-infinite resources to really take the time to make it look different and special.

This doesn’t surprise me, though. The larger an organization gets the less time is given to the small details that functionally may not create any noticeable improvement.

But, the smaller the organization (i.e. startups) know that they must differentiate to not only become competitive but to also just survive. If they don’t take the time to work on the small things then they look and feel and appear like the bigger organizations.

And that’s not always a good thing.

Stay nimble, stay small, care about the small stuff for as long as you possibly can.