Long Time Laying in a Hammock

A very fascinating talk by Gary Bernhardt and I love the perspective of taking a long time to think through a problem (and work on it privately and silently) which is counter to a lot of the prevailing startup and technology wisdom around “ship often, ship now” type of stuff:

I appreciate this perspective but I don’t think that it has to be “one way” or another… I think that even large problems that require a ton of time to bake and simmer and come to a boil can be built publicly – it doesn’t have to be done in a dark room, behind closed doors.

Even the project that I’m currently working on is going to takeĀ a lot of time to figure out and work through but we’re doing it publicly and we’re asking for folks to join us in our journey of discovery.

We’re not promising overnight delivery or a “quick fix” to the larger problems that we’re trying to solve; rather, we’re simply asking for people to join us on the very long trek into the exciting unknown.

A “whole new world” is better when encountered as a team, a party, a tribe instead of going solo on it all the time. Besides, hammocks are cool but they are more fun when you’re hanging out with a few other folks for the ride.

Gary is pretty famous for his screencasts… and this one, very funny… classic: