Don’t Quit Your Blog Too Early! Longevity is a Growth Strategy!

This is a Guest Post by Jonathan Malm who writes and speaks about the creative process via his personal blog and Church Stage Design Ideas.

The key to a blog’s growth is longevity. In other words, the longer your blog is around, the more people will discover it and share it (assuming it’s quality content). Unfortunately, most people think their blog is the exception to that rule. Many of us are so in love with our content or concept that we think our blog will become an overnight success.

That rarely happens.

I had this interaction with a new blogger:

It’s frustrating. When I post something new, I tweet about it. I get about 100 views or so. But on days that I don’t post anything, I don’t get any traffic. What should I do?

He said this like it was unexpected.

As you read that I’m sure you realized that’s exactly what should happen. Of course people only visit your site when you post something new and tweet about it! But it’s easy to assume our content is so good that people share our posts with 100 friends and re-read them throughout the week.

My friend thought he was the exception. He was writing 1,000-word essays twice a day. But his writing fervor couldn’t be sustained. So he eventually stopped blogging.

No matter how good your content is, your blog will take time to grow. Unless you’re already a celebrity, people need to see consistent quality from you before they engage fully with your blog.

I typically don’t expect a great response to a blog for the first year that I write. Thats the way I don’t get discouraged. My newest blog is just now seeing the growth I want to see. It’s a year old.

I’ve tweeted about it to my Tweeps the whole time, but of my Twitter followers are just now noticing the blog and reading it. My most engaged audience is just now starting to read my blog.

You shouldn’t be discouraged if your blog doesn’t immediately have a huge audience. Every blog starts small. Use that first year to hone your craft and tweak the site to reach your target audience. You get better as you practice. Keep practicing and have your best content available when the Internet finally floods to your blog.