A Look at Project120 (So Far)

My wife began a project late last year called Project120 and, like most new ventures, it started with an idea and bubbled into something actionable.

We took a big risk and went for it hoping that our estimates would be accurate and that our mental calculations on effort, financial feasibility, time, and more hitting the ballpark.


Like most new ventures (and we considered it a “venture” or a “very small startup” for my wife) we’ve already had to pivot and change our execution and estimates a handful of times.

We had hoped for up to 4 students to launch the inaugural program and instead we only were able to secure 1 (although that one is going to be amazing…). And, we accepted an alumni as well to help mentor and coach our first student (this alumnus is also someone I have / am mentoring).

So 2 out of 4 people in the project and of those two only 1 fit the original “target audience.” Not terrible but not as we had originally expected. There are some good reasons why this all happened but ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s been “par for course” for how new ventures launch and get started.

And, more importantly, I’ve enjoyed working with my wife as it’s one of the first projects that I’ve supported her on (she’s the lead) and that we aren’t completely killing each other (we have learned after almost 10 years of marriage that we don’t really work well together…).

But the place looks amazing and I’m really proud of our “launch” so far. Check it out:

Cool bar stools.

A big open area for the students to work, live, and play:

It’s fully furnished and it achieves what we had hoped it would achieve for the student: A comfortable and distraction-free environment so that they can focus on their work while attending The Iron Yard Academy.

The mental gymnastics of trying to find a place to stay and the logistics of getting to and from class, especially if you’re new to the city, can be daunting and an emotional, psychological, and physical drain. Project120 aims to remove that entirely through easy-access to facilities, shopping, transit, and a flat-fee for simple financial management and accounting.

And heck, it’s cheaper since short-term housing or a short-term lease is crazy expensive… and you don’t have to have a car since you’re super-close to public transportation via MARTA (just three stops on the rail line!).

So, in summary, I’m happy with how my wife has launched and where we are with the new project. I’m proud of her immensely and so very happy that she loves what she’s doing and that it directly impacts the work that I’m doing as well.