A Look at v1.5 (or v2.0…?)


… or will it be v2.0…? I suppose you’ll have to find out!

But, here’s a list of tentative things that I’m going to try to hammer out for the next release. Yes, I know that I just released v1.4.1 yesterday (did you update?!) but I’ve been planning this release for quite some time (since v1.4.1 was a bug fix).


So, here’s a starter list to get things going:

  • Major redesign overhaul, you can see some ideas here and here.
  • Add additional font sizes to app, a much-requested feature.
  • Export, import for .txt and .md extensions and docs.
  • Implement some better, intuitive shortcut keys, some to match native OS X behavior.
  • A few Markdown updates, like better syntax highlighting.
  • Markdown keyboard commands, shortcuts.
  • Evernote… … … !!! What, what…!
  • Removing Typepad, Movable Type…

The last one doesn’t require that much explanation, except the reality that barely anyone uses it and keeping it updated is taking it’s engineering toll. I’ll probably have a larger post giving some context, but, it’s been a hard-fought battle with those two. In any case, out with two, and in with a super-cool one (Evernote)!

Let me know your thoughts!

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