League of Sysops

Building an amazing community space, world, and environment for those that you love and for those that you serve can be difficult work, even when it’s the most rewarding!

That’s why it’s important to have a place for leaders and metaverse world-builders to rest, relax, and just “shoot the shit” with other metaformers; a place that they can escape to, talk shop, and maybe even “unload” a bit — we all know what it’s like!

That’s why I’ve founded The League of Sysops — a <sysop> hangout spot in the expanding YENIVERSE federation for those that are building their internet futures.

We’re opening up applications / nominations and will continue to add to our number as we go! But, this is a place specifically for folks who take their <sysop> roles seriously. I’ve created Private Rooms where we can talk shop:

  1. The Watercooler — A place for you to “get it off your chest”; you know what we’re talking about! Sometimes your members drive you crazy! All good, we’re good for that too. Lay it on us.
  2. Strategies & Tactics — Building a great YENIVERSE and community space is hard work! But, with the right strategies / tactics, you can grow it into something that you’re super-proud of.

And a few other rooms to shoot-the-shit.

We’ve got a temporary (but fun!) domain: LOS.NGO

The LoS’s new URL / domain is pretty neat too: LOS.NGO! I wanted to make this a “neutral” spot for all <sysops>!

What’s fun is that we’ve built the YEN metaplatform in such a way that folks could easily create simple landing pages or just forward the URL directly to the YENIVERSE link! I imagine a lot of folks are going to have fun domain names for their clubs, groups, organizations, projects, and communities as things start really moving.

I also can’t wait to learn from all of the other amazing community leaders who have years (if not decades) of community-building experience! I can’t wait to level-up myself!

Maybe it’s time you built out your own space on the internet (and expanding metaverse) and really make it special; create a space that you’d love to hang-out in and then invite your friends to join you! It really is that simple.

Talk soon!