Losing Baggage

Today is Easter.

For those that follow that religious tradition, it’s a day to remember (and celebrate…?) the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who took upon himself the penalty of sin for all men and women and offered a way to have a relationship with God.

Which represents the opportunity to start fresh, start anew, to see and experience things differently and to leave an old life behind. It’s an invitation to, once again, become a novice (and to love it).

via gapingvoid

As the world fights each other (to the death, at times) to be seen as an expert, the cross of Christ and the resurrection goes in the other direction: Become a novice, an amateur, a servant instead of master.

Apparently that’s a better place to be.

The longer we live the more “dead weight” we accumulate and the baggage keeps getting heavier and heavier and heavier. Giving all of that up is a generally a welcome decision, although difficult.

And the more difficult it is and becomes… the more welcome and delightful the offer appears to be. The Resurrection is truly a miracle, (imminently) impossible to ignore.